task management tool

I developed my own online task management tool for games, movies and other creatives stuff because I never felt the existing tools would suit my needs.

With "Dominiks Production Essentials" I want to create a collection of tools I always wanted to have when working on projects with small teams. The current goal is to get the task management up and running for the public and then take it one step further with an easy wiki solution, a collaborative story development tool and a software integration of those tools into the current game engines and vfx software.

DOPE TASK is working in the browser based on Javascript and Google Firebase. The tool is currently in closed beta for small teams, so if you are interested in testing it, hit me up.

Current features:
realtime task management in private groups
every project can be divided in different subprojects
every task can be divided in different substeps assigning team members, priorities and dates to tasks
grouping multiple tasks together to sync them
multiple calendar views with filter options