my personal game lab

This is a procedural world generator I first build in 2014 using Unity/C#. Last year I decided to work on that prototype again and did some heavy performance improvements. The above world was generated in realtime in a common webbrowser using WebGL.

This is a co-op multiplayer gameplay mechanic i came up with and am pretty excited about. Its basically a Telltale-Game like dialogue system, with the ability for two players to choose from the dialogue options. Like in a real dialogue, the person choosing his/her answer first will get to speak. This kind of interaction can lead to really great multiplayer gameplay, for example when you decide to pin the blame for something on your friend. The dialogue system is written C++ for the use with Unreal Blueprints, so you can easily build dialogue trees with visual nodes.

Last year i started building a tower defense game to get to know the Unreal Engine. This is also a multiplayer game, where each player has to defend its base by placing towers and sending out different kind of troops based on the enemies tower setup.

I developed a "Rocket League" like football game for Android TV devices in Unity. Up to eight players can play together on one device using their smartphones as gamepads. Unfortunately, Android TV never got the attention it deserved, so I stopped the development of this game.

This was a test I did in a few hours to check how easy I can build a "mindbreaking / non euclidean" level. Because I really like the result I wanted to showcase this little test here.