ar sandbox

"Wonderful World" is a game/art installation where multiple players have to work together to fill up the dark, digital world of the table with nature. This is done by capturing the floating nature fragments with the players hand shadow and collecting them in holes that were previously digged into the sand. As the projection of the nature changes to the topography of the sand, every nature landscape the players reveal is completely different and can also be terraformed by the players once the whole table is filled up.

The game brings haptical augmented reality gameplay to the next level: Ultra fast interaction feedback, intuitive controls and great visuals make this sandbox game a magical experience.

"Wonderful World" was received incredibly well at the events I exhibited the game: People stayed at the table for well over an hour or were constantly bringing friends over to show them the game. "Wait, what? This is sand? I can touch it?", is something I heard very often. As the game is very cooperative, everyone welcomes new players, explains the game to them, and starts communicating with others. Children are playing together with adults, both equally amazed by the things they experience. At Gamescom we regularly had over 15 concurrent players building their landscape together, with a total of over 6000 players.

The game was developed in a four month project phase during my studies at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Where to play

in Nijverdal, Netherlands as part of the Escape Room "Beat the Matrix"

in Dresden, Germany as part of the Technische Sammlungen

- more locations coming soon -

Other temporary exhibitions

Ars Electronica 2019 - Linz, Austria

Goldener Spatz 2019 - Gera, Germany

Medienfestival 2018 - Dresden, Germany

Fantoche 2018 - Baden, Switzerland

Gamescom 2018 - Cologne, Germany

FMX Conference 2018 - Stuttgart, Germany

I am always interested in new places to exhibit the sandbox. Please feel free to contact me.